The third nominee for the Composition Award

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The competition for the Linköpings Studentsångare Composition Award 2016 has been concluded! We received over a dozen wonderful submissions from women composers all over the world. The winner of the grand prize of 50 000 SEK will be announced at the official award concert, on May the 4th, in Wallenbergsalen of Östergötlands Museum.

Over the coming weeks we will present the top nominees selected by our jury. The presentations follow no particular order, so as not to reveal the winner until the concert. Our third and last revealed finalist is Maria Löfberg.

Maria LöfbergMaria Löfberg was born 1969 in Stenungsund on the west coast of Sweden. The language of music spoke to her early on in her life and during upper secondary school she realized that she wanted to puruse a professional career in music. She begun education to become a curch musician, and has been faithful to this calling for 25 years.

Maria has always composed her own music, from the whimsical songs of her childhood, throughout various educations and up to her present day work as a musician. Composing and being a church musician is easily combined, and opportunity often presents itself to try out new material at the workplace, both in the home parish, aswell as in the neighbouring parishes.

She has always had a keen interest in the voice and the choir phenomenon, and so has taken a liking to composing for choir. Apart from choral and vocal pieces her works also include three symphonies and numerous pieces of chamber music.

One of her favourite musical memories is the story of the first performance of one of her own original pieces ”Herre över allting” (Lord of all things), in the small church where she was working at the time. A choir of amateurs and a professional orchestra had a few hours to put the whole piece together, along with soloists and the church organist. That all of this actually worked in the end, she recounts, was that every participant had a great love for the language of music. A language that bridges all barriers and allows professionals alongside amateurs to communicate a poweful message to a crowd ranging from local farmers to gourmands of chamber music. The experience, in that small church in the countryside, strengthened her belief that culture and art is need everywhere, in every shape and form.

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