Thank you for your interest in Linköpings Studentsångare Composition Award 2020! Below are details regarding entry and submission to the contest.

Entry Agreement

First of all, download and read the entry agreement form thoroughly. You can find the form here. The form contains detailed rules of the contest as well as legal information regarding publishing and performance of your work. The signed agreement form can be posted to Linköpings Studentsångare, Linköpings universitet, Hus C, Musicum, 581 83 Linköping. Mark the envelope ”Award Entry”. Alternatively, you can  scan the signed form and e-mail it to us at Make sure that the form has reached us before September 1st, 2019. 


When we have received your signed agreement form you will receive an e-mail containing a four digit number for you to sign your scores with. This number will serve as an anonymous identifier during the judgement process. Contributions may be submitted between July 1st and December 1st, 2019. To make a submission, send an e-mail to containing your name and country of residence. Attach the digital scores of your contribution in pdf format accompanied by an audio file (midi format or similar). Do not sign scores in pdf format with your name. Instead use the four digit number provided to you by us upon receiving your agreement form. If you haven’t received an e-mail containing a four digit number from us within a week of sending your signed agreement, or cannot remember which number was assigned to you, please let us know at

Registration Fee

There is a non-refundable administrative fee of SEK 350, to be paid when entering the competition. The fee must be paid no later than a week after registration deadline,September 8th, 2019.. We ask residents outside of Sweden to please note that any extra fees for international bank transfers are to be paid by the contestant.
Mark your payment ”Your Initials Award”. Make the payment using the following details:

   Bank: Swedbank AB
   IBAN: SE86 8000 0848 0690 3213 4836

If you are using a Swedish bank account, use Bankgiro 404-2222. When we have received your payment you will receive a confirmation e-mail. If you haven’t received your confirmation e-mail within a week of making your payment, or if you have any other questions regarding payment, contact us at

We look forward to your contribution!

For any further questions, send us an e-mail at

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